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ABSP Awards Four Different Kinds of Online Sports Psychology Certification Programs The American Board of Sport Psychology (ABSP), a leading provider of online sports psychology certification programs in the US, offers its comprehensive learning and training program to individuals interested in pursuing a career in sports psychology and become coaches, teachers, educators, instructors, psychologists, as well as physicians for sports medicine. Its sports psychology certification programs are all based on cutting-edge research in fields such as psychophysiology, cognitive psychology, sports psychology, behavioral medicine and sports medicine, and are designed to address the expected growth in the...
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Sports Psychology Certification: How To Help Athletes Develop The Winning Attitude It is by taking a sports psychology certification course that coaches, team managers, and captains learn are able to effectively psych up their fellow teammates or players to perform better in any sports, especially those that are physically demanding.

Sports psychology is not really a new development in the sporting world. However, it has yet to be given importance by many athletes. Nevertheless, it is fast gaining acceptance in major league sports. More and more coaches and team managers are beginning to see its relevance to goal of winning. Because of this, they also see the merit of completing a sports...
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The Sports Psychology Certificate Takes its Place Center Field The sports psychology certificate training provided by the American Board of Sport Psychology is offered on many levels. For a licensed psychologist- that is to say one who has received a doctorate in psychology- the sports psychology certificate allows graduation as a Certified Sport Psychologist or a Board Certified Sport Psychologist-Diplomate Status.

Those who have not received a doctorate and yet have completed a sports psychology certificate go by a host of invented names such as Practitioner, Specialist and Consultant. They are not legally permitted to call themselves sport psychologists, despite having completed the same post...
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Physical education in primary schools: Classroom teachers' perceptions of benefits and outcomes

Philip J Morgan, Vibeke HansenSep 1, 2008; 67:196-207Article

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